A cycling event to enjoy Kitakyushu to the fullest

Participation notices will not be sent in advance for this event.
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Ride, eat, and enjoy!

A cycling event to enjoy Kitakyushu to the fullest

At the Kitakyushu Cycle Festival, you can cycle through Kitakyushu’s famous spots and enjoy plenty of local gourmet food and sweets.
The first event, which was held for the first time last year, ended with great success, and it has been decided that it will be held again in 2023!
We are planning this year again so that a variety of cyclists can enjoy it.
We will also notify you of any updates on Instagram. Please stay tuned!

Course introduction

3 courses to choose from to suit your riding style

Are you a cyclist who wants to ride hard? Are you a potarist who wants to ride slowly and enjoy delicious food? You can choose from three distances to suit your running style.
Every course has aid stations stocked with delicious local food.

Lots of events

There are also fun events at the main venue

There are also fun events at the main venue.
At the main venue of Mihagino Park, which will be the start/finish point, there will be a BMX show and a dance show, which were very popular last year, as well as various booths.
After finishing, be sure to take a look at the main venue.

Participant guide

Information for participating cyclists

We have listed the requests that we would like you to follow in order to enjoy and safely participate in the event.
Please read this if you would like to participate.


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