General guide

Event schedule

06:00Parking lot open
07:00Main venuereception starts・booth exhibition opens
08:00100km start (*For those who choose 15km/h to 20km/h)
08:20100km start (*For those who choose 25km/h)
08:40100km start (*For those who choose 30km/h)
09:3060km start (*For those who choose 15km/h to 20km/h)
09:4060km start (*For those who choose 25km/h)
09:5060km start (*For those who choose 30km/h)
10:00Main venuedance performance start
10:3030km start
13:00Kitakyushu aid station departure time limit (100km course)
14:30Main venueLOVE JAM CREW BMX Show
15:00Main venueVC FUKUOKA team presentation
15:20Main venueBeki, YUKARI & Tomomi Kudo talk show
15:45Main venuespecial lottery
16:20Main venueClosing remarks

*The starting order on the day will be divided into time slots based on the driving speed you selected at the time of application. Please arrive at the starting point approximately 10 minutes before the listed time.
*In order to ensure a smooth start, please cooperate and follow the instructions of the staff at the start position.

Main venue map

1Start/finish gate
2Pre-departure waiting area
3Exhibition booth
5Cycle rack
6Reception・First aid・Baggage Storage Tent
7Main venue stage

Flow of the day

Reception ~ Baggage storage ~ Start


Please come to the reception desk with equipment that allows you to start right away and bring your helmet.
Please tell the staff your name at the reception. You will be given a stamp card and the staff will paste a helmet sticker on it.

Affix the helmet sticker firmly to the front part of the helmet.
*This information may be required for identity verification in emergencies. Be sure to paste it and start.

You will need your stamp card to replenish your supplies at each aid station and after finishing the race, so please do not lose it.

2.When using baggage storage service

For the luggage storage service, the number written on the stamp card or helmet sticker is the exchange key.
Please be sure to present one of these when dropping off or receiving your luggage.

*To prevent problems such as loss of checked items, please refrain from checking in multiple pieces of luggage by yourself. We ask for your cooperation in consolidating all items into one package.


Please arrive at the starting point at the main venue approximately 10 minutes before the time listed on the event schedule above. Please depart according to the staff’s instructions.

Upon arrival at the aid station

1.How to receive supplies

Please present your stamp card at the aid station reception.
After getting your stamp stamped, please enjoy some delicious gourmet food and take a good rest.

2.A time limit has been set for the 100km course.

Only Kitakyushu Airport Aid Station has a time limit for departure times.
If you depart from here after 13:00, those participating in the 100km course will be required to change their route to the 60km course.
Please follow the instructions of the sentry staff along the course.


1.Please stop by the special aid after finishing the race.

After arriving at Mihagino Park, the finish line, you can get your stamp stamped at the reception desk and finish.
As the last special aid meal, you can enjoy freshly made fried udon noodles.
Don’t forget to pick up your checked baggage.

2.The main venue is also full of attractions.

On the day of the Kitakyushu Cycle Festival, many events will be held at the main venue, Mihagino Park. Non-cycling participants can also enjoy the event for free. Please come and visit us with your family and friends!