Participant guide


・This event is not a race, but a fun ride event to enjoy cycling.
・Please drive in compliance with traffic laws.

Terms and conditions

・Those of elementary school age or older who are in good health and able to complete this course by the designated time.
・Those who can comply with the participation rules and precautions set by the tournament management.
・If a minor participates, parental consent is required.
-If elementary school students are participating, they will need an adult escort, and the escort runner will also need to apply to participate in the event.

About this event

・This tournament is not a competition for ranking. Please ride in compliance with traffic laws.
・On the road, follow each other in single file and do not run side by side.
・It is mandatory to wear gloves and a helmet.
・Vehicle inspection will not be conducted. Please take care of your bicycle by yourself, such as requesting a maintenance check at a nearby bicycle shop.
・Follow the guidance of security guards when crossing at large intersections and dangerous spots.
・Participants should check the route, junctions, aids, time limits, etc. of the course they will run in advance.
・Please follow the instructions of the support rider and ride safely.
・For your safety, be sure to use hand signals. Or, if you find it difficult to use hand signals, call out to those around you to let them know.
・When stopping on the course, be sure to check the safety in front and behind you, give a signal to those behind you, and stop slowly.
・Please drive with due caution to surrounding pedestrians and vehicles.
・Accompaniment by private cars is prohibited.

About bicycles

・Bicycles that can participate in the tournament must be regular bicycles that are equipped with front and rear brakes and are approved for use on public roads.
・You can participate on road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, cross bikes, mini velo bikes, city bikes, e-bikes, etc.
・You can also participate on a cross bike or city bike, but depending on the course you are participating in and your running ability, please participate on a bike that can complete the race within the time limit.
・There are no restrictions on E-bikes, but please take into account battery capacity and cruising range and use a bicycle that can complete the race within the time limit.

About preliminary inspection

Please check the following in advance and perform appropriate maintenance before participating.
・Is there a problem with the brake/wheel system?
・Is the transmission operating normally?
・Is the frame and parts properly fixed?
・Is the oil being applied to the appropriate areas?
・Prepare tools for equipment troubles such as punctures
・Condition of equipment such as helmets and shoe cleats

About equipment

・Please participate in clothes that allow you to ride a bicycle safely.
・For your safety, please be sure to wear a helmet (leather or cloth are prohibited) and gloves (work gloves are acceptable).
・Participants must be equipped with lights as there are tunnel passages.
・Make sure to wear a tail light/reflector.
・In principle, troubles such as flat tires must be handled by the individual participant. Please prepare tools etc. in advance.
・If the tournament management determines that the vehicle is not properly equipped, you will not be able to participate.

Regarding prohibited equipment

The use of the following equipment is prohibited.
・DH handle, clip-on handle, spinach handle, trailer, disc wheel

Other precautions

・Please follow the instructions of the staff during the tournament. If you do not comply with traffic rules or tournament rules, or if you do not improve even after receiving a warning from tournament staff, you may be asked to cancel your participation.
・If you wish to retire, please notify the aid staff or nearby support rider.
・Although participants are insured against injuries, please note that there are limits to compensation. There is no compensation for persons or property. In Fukuoka Prefecture, it has become mandatory for individuals to purchase bicycle insurance in 2020, so we ask that each participant purchase their own bicycle insurance.
・Please bring your health insurance card with you just in case.
・The organizer will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to bicycles.
・This event will be held rain or shine. However, in case of stormy weather, the event may be canceled.

Oath and portrait rights when participating in the tournament

1. I agree to abide by all terms, rules, and instructions established by the tournament organizer.
2. I am solely responsible for my personal and family belongings and athletic equipment during the event and its ancillary events.
3. In the event that injury or death occurs during the tournament or ancillary events, I, myself, my family representatives, guardians, and other related parties will be responsible for the organizers and other related parties, regardless of the cause. We will exempt you from any liability whatsoever.
4. I certify that I am in good health and have sufficient training to participate in the competition.
5. If I am injured, have an accident, or become ill during the tournament or any incidental events, I have no objection to appropriate measures being taken against me.
6. If the tournament is interrupted, shortened, or canceled due to worsening weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, or typhoons, or natural disasters such as earthquakes, or due to the organizer’s convenience, my participation fee will not be refunded just before or during the tournament. I will accept it even if it is gone.
7. I consent to my personal information such as name, age, gender, etc., as well as videos, photographs, and records of the tournament being reported, published, and used in newspapers, television, magazines, the Internet, pamphlets, etc. I also agree that the right to publish and use the content belongs to the organizer.
8. I certify that all information contained in the application documents for this competition is true and accurate.