On the day of the Kitakyushu Cycle Festival, many events will be held at the main venue, Mihagino Park. Non-cycling participants can also enjoy the event for free. Please come and visit us with your family and friends!

07:00Booth exhibition open
10:00Dance performance starts
14:10YOGA lesson for cyclists
15:00VC FUKUOKA team presentation
15:20Beki, YUKARI & Tomomi Kudo talk show
15:45Special lottery
16:20Closing remarks

Booth exhibition

✅Holding time: Around 7:00-16:00
✅Location: Main venue booth exhibition tent

Various booths will be exhibited at the main venue.
Please stop by each booth.


A booth by Tri Sports, which handles a wide range of products from bicycle parts to small accessories such as FACTOR, CORIMA, 4iiii, and TNI, will be on display.
With the motto “We want to deliver the products you want,” one of the features of the store is that it handles many lesser-known products and brands.
On the day of the event, a booth will be set up at the main venue, displaying and selling everything from tire gliders and airborne valve heads that make riding easier, to bikes used by professional athletes, power meters, and upgrade chains.
In addition, a test ride event for FACTOR BIKES will be held (→Click here for details)
This is your chance to experience the high-end bike of your dreams.
Please come and visit us.

Kokurayaki udon

All cycling participants will be served Ogura-yaki udon noodles after finishing the race. Please bring your stamp card with you.
Replenish your tired body with energy!

Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Federation

Dance Performance

This is a special performance show that will be held only on this day, bringing together dance groups from Kitakyushu who are active in various genres. Please join us at the main venue stage!

✅Holding time: 10:00-14:00
✅Location: Main venue stage

10:00~10:30Hawaiian dance🌺
11:00~11:30STUDIO AI
12:00~12:30DANCE STUDIO S.S.M.
12:30~13:00Peek-A-Boo DANCE STUDIO
13:00~13:10Basketball 🏀 Performance HARUA
13:10~13:20Rena NUMBER
13:20~13:30KYOKA NUMBER
13:30~14:00jewel engel

YOGA lessons for cyclists

✅Holding time: 14:10~
✅Location: Main venue stage

A YOGA lesson for cyclists by yoga/Pilates trainer Haruka Yamamoto.
Take care of your body by stretching after finishing the race. Please gather in front of the stage.

Haruka Yamamoto’s profile

・Yoga/Pilates trainer
・Sports nutrition medicine instructor

After graduating from a vocational school to become a sports trainer, she transferred to Kanoya University of Physical Education.
While she was at the same university, she belonged to the cycling club and accompanied her to races around the country as a staff member. She is responsible for the care of the players.
Currently, she is offering yoga and Pilates group lessons, personal training, and sports nutrition seminars mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture and online. She also offers lessons for cyclists.


✅Holding time: 14:30~
✅Location: Main venue stage

LOVE JAM CREW is a BMX team active in Kyushu.
We also run a BMX school, producing many kids riders with national class skills.
Continuing from last year’s Kitakyushu Cycle Festival, they will perform on the main venue stage.
Don’t miss this special stage featuring 4 All Japan Champions and 2 school instructors!

LOVE JAM CREW cast members

Makoto Tsuruta / Yuta Tsuruta / Chiaki Todaka, Azusa, Yamato / Kokoa Koga

VC FUKUOKA team presentation

✅Holding time: 15:00~
✅Location: Main venue stage

VC FUKUOKA is a member of JCL and is based in Fukuoka.
In addition to greetings from the organizers of this event, we will also give presentations from the top team players.

Beki, YUKARI & Tomomi Kudo talk show

✅Holding time: 15:20~
✅Location: Main venue stage

This is a talk show with 3 people: event ambassador and guest rider.
Please enjoy this review of this day’s cycling experience!

Special lottery

✅Holding time: 15:45~
✅Location: Main venue stage

We will be holding a special lottery for all cycling participants!
You might even be able to take home some gorgeous items along with your memories of the event!
Please join us too!