Points to note when riding

The event is finally approaching.
In order to ride safely and enjoyably on the day, we would like to provide guidance to all participants and ask them to abide by the traffic rules (of course, I’m sure most cyclists know this, but again…!)

In addition to the sentry guidance, information boards are installed on telephone poles along the course.

There will be sentries wearing tournament staff bibs to guide you around turns and difficult-to-understand spots on the course. Please be sure to follow the instructions.
In addition, we have installed information boards on utility poles to guide people in the direction of travel. Please also refer to this while riding.

A bicycle is a light vehicle

When turning right at an intersection with a traffic light, be sure to make a two-step right turn.
(The same applies to T-junction intersections)
At intersections without traffic lights, if there is a stop line, stop before that line. Check your surroundings and turn right at a speed that allows you to stop at any time.

Pedestrians always have priority

If there are pedestrians near or crossing the crosswalk, be sure to stop before the stop line.

Driving the wrong way on the road is a violation of the road traffic law.

Driving the wrong way on the road is prohibited.
Always drive in the left lane.
Don’t forget to be aware of “keep left” when driving to the left.

there is a tunnel

There is a tunnel in part of the course.
Be sure to drive with front lights and tail lights equipped.
There will be no vehicle inspections on the day. Please make sure that there are no problems with riding on the road, such as worn out safety parts or parts, before participating.