To everyone who participated in Kitakyushu Cycle Festival 2023

The 2nd Kitakyushu Cycle Festival was able to be completed without any major accidents thanks to the support of many people. Thank you very much.
We have prepared by completing the challenges that arose one by one during the first event, but we have also discovered new challenges.
In particular, we are very sorry that we made a mistake in our expectations and caused many people to experience disappointment in terms of food-related hospitality, such as the lack of food.
We also received a variety of opinions on a wide range of topics, including course guidance and bike rack specifications, via SNS and email.
We will take these opinions seriously and will return fully prepared as a cycling event where you can run, eat, and enjoy.
Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, for your support, and for your cooperation.

Kitakyushu Cycle Festival Executive Committee

We have opened an official photo page containing photos from the day.
Please note that we are filming in a limited number of locations due to the small number of people involved.
Please feel free to use the photos within the bounds of common sense.

When using SNS, please post with the hashtags #北九州サイクルフェスティバル #北九州サイクルフェスティバル.