30km course

Recommended for “relaxed” cycling for beginners and families!

Recommended for these cyclists

Distance: Approximately 30km / Gained altitude: 180m
This course is for beginners in cycling.
This course can be enjoyed not only by road bikes, but also by cross bikes and well-maintained city bikes with variable speeds. Recommended for families traveling with children.

Perfect for cyclists who want to enjoy a leisurely cycling experience and those who are interested in cycling.
We will depart from Mihagino Park and head for the scenic Mojiko Retro District.
While enjoying delicious gourmet food at the aid station, let’s take a stroll through the Mojiko Retro District, where the tasteful streetscape remains!

Main route

Mihagino Park → Mojiko Retro District → Mihagino Park

aid station

– Mojiko Retro Aid Station

Entry fee

– Plan with companion support 4,000 yen (tax included)
– Plan without accompanying support 3,000 yen (tax included)

We also provide accompanying support for cyclists who are unsure whether they can ride on the course.
Local riders who know everything about the Kitakyushu area will be cycling together.
This plan allows you to enjoy the event with peace of mind from the start to the finish.


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Point name Passing distance
Mihagino Park 0km start
Mojiko Retro 13km aid station
Mihagino Park 27km finish

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