Tomomi Kudo will be participating as a guest rider!

Following Beki and YUKARI, J:COM Oita Cable Telecom announcer Tomomi Kudo will be joining the Kitakyushu Cycle Festival excitement team!
Please say hello at the venue or course!


Tomomi Kudo

J:COM 大分ケーブルテレコムアナウンサー

Mr. Kudo, who was also active as a local reporter during the broadcast of this year’s Oita Cycle Festival!!!, is in charge of the bicycle program “Tomo Chari” currently being broadcast on Oita Cable Telecom!
She travels around Oita Prefecture and other areas, raising awareness of the attractiveness of the region and improving bicycle etiquette.
She also works as an event host, guest rider, etc. as a “bicycle announcer” and is spreading the word about bicycles and the charm of the region!
She is also active in racing competitions, winning first place in this year’s prefectural sports tournament road race.