YUKARI will be participating as a guest rider!

Kitakyushu Cycle Festival!
YUKARI is a cyclist who not only enjoys his love of cycling, but also uses his experience in the fashion industry to utilize his sense of style in a wide range of activities. Along with his beloved Ridley, he travels all over the country to enjoy cycling and watching his favorite road races, and shares his attractions on social media.
He is also active as a member of ANGEL PROJECT, just like Beki, the event ambassador I mentioned the other day.
Together with Beki, she will thoroughly convey the charm of Kitakyushu Cycle Festival 2023! A talk show between the two will be held at the main venue after the finish line.
looking forward to!



▼a Kansai person who loves RIDLEY, fashion and anime
▼Recently, I love watching road races!
▼RIDLEY Ambassador

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