Introduction to aid stations

It’s less than a month until the event, but are you making preparations for the day?
In this post, we will introduce the details of the aid stations that interest you.
With the theme of gourmet food unique to Kitakyushu, we have prepared a delicious lineup this time as well!

Mojiko Retro District Aid Station

Target courses

100km course / 60km course / 30km course

The Moji area developed as an international trade port with overseas countries during the Meiji and Taisho eras. Many historical buildings remain that testify to the city’s prosperity at the time.
After taking a break at the aid station, we recommend walking around as much as time allows.
The food served here is a gathering of Kitakyushu’s proud bread makers!
Enjoy the tasteful Mojiko retro scenery and delicious bread.

Kitakyushu Airport Aid Station Powered by Fukuoka Trans

Target courses

100km course / 60km course

Kitakyushu Airport is located in the southeastern part of Kitakyushu City. The highlight of this area is the spectacular view from the long connecting bridge that leads to the aid station.
There is also an aid station produced by Fukuoka Trans, which sponsors this event and has an office near the airport. Here you can enjoy hearty “dagojiru”, a local dish loved throughout Kyushu.

Those taking the 100km course and 60km course will receive SiCUREA @sicurea_info, a sports energy gel, a reliable ally of cycling idewithgps, as a supplementary meal at the time of registration at the start (revised on November 10, 2023)

Sola land Hiraodai aid station

Target course

100km course

Hiraodai is located in the southern part of Kitakyushu City. The unique topography created by the majestic karst plateau over many years has many points that will make you want to stop and take photos.
After the challenging hill climb that awaits participants on the 100km course, an aid station was set up as a reward.
Last year’s popular menu at Hiraodai Terrace’s trailer cafe, Miyazaki beef stew with beef tendon, is back this year! Warm up your body and head to the finish!