10/15 Test run the course

It has been about a month since entries started, and we have received many entries. Thank you very much.
A test run was conducted on October 15th based on a 100km course. Today, we will show you a few of the scenic spots on the course along with photos from the test run!
The participants were members of the VC FUKUOKA Masters Club, and we also received help from the cycle shop Fun Cycle in Tobata Ward, Kitakyushu City.

To ensure that everyone participating on the day could cycle comfortably, we conducted a test run while checking the traffic and road conditions. As some of the test run members were used to running in the local area, we discovered some local insights, and decided that although the general route remained the same, we needed to make minor adjustments to the course.

…Therefore, some of you may have imported the course to your cycle computer, but we expect that we will continue to make minor changes to the course in the future.
Once each course has been finalized, we will notify you on this website and Instagram, so please check back regularly.