Sponsoring company – NPO North Nine

NPO North Nine contributes to the revitalization of the town through a variety of projects.

Sports event business

We have set up an executive committee centered around members of NORTH NINE, an NPO, and are implementing the Murasaki River Festival, which takes full advantage of the surrounding environment of Katsuyama Park. An aquathlon event was held, combining a run at Katsuyama Park and a swim at Murasaki River. The scene where so many athletes from all over the country start all together and swim down the Murasaki River is a sight to behold. In addition to aquathlon races, we continue to provide an environment where people can enjoy the park, including radio-controlled yacht races and drone experiences that everyone from children to adults can enjoy.

Triathlon team

We run the triathlon team “NORTH NINE”, which is made up of managers from Kitakyushu.
Through triathlon, we [strive to maintain physical and mental health] and by managing three events: RUN (running), BIKE (bicycle), and SWIM (swimming),
We aim to improve the management skills of business owners themselves.